Article Writing Pace of Submissions and Correlations to Sports

We have all heard people talk about writer’s block and quite frankly you must over come this if you are an online article writer, because not only must you watch out for your quality, but you must also be concerned with quantity. If you are using the online article venue to propel your business or driving targeted traffic to your website then you must indeed continually write more articles if you wish to have success in this venue.

Now then, I ought to know as I have now written 7150 articles and put them online and my traffic count is scary. And it started to get a little overwhelming for me at about 750 articles. How can you write more online articles to help you? Well why not set a goal for 1-2 articles per day and a goal to increase that by one article per day each month for three month. Then you will be writing 3-6 articles each day in 3-months. You can do this and you must set a pace and a cadence.

You must set a pace as if you were bicycling in competition, running a marathon, swimming the 500-meter breast-stroke or writing online articles. Think of your online article writing and output as a long-distance sports event. You must commit to a strong pace and cadence and then you will get there. Additionally I see similarities in canoeing and so many other sports also. Trust me on this, but more importantly trust yourself to get this done and you will be glad you did. Consider all this in 2006.