Dansko Shoes For Sale – Where to Find Quality

If you need footwear that is comfortable, light, and has the assurance of quality, your goal should be finding Dansko shoes for sale. Because of the popularity that the brand has enjoyed through the years, it has become normal for these shoes to be sought extensively in both traditional and online outlets.

Why Invest in a Quality Shoe?

Typically, you buy a pair of shoes by walking into an retail store and getting measured by a salesperson. He will bring out a pair and you will try it on for size. Usually, it will be very comfortable at the store so you will pay for it and walk away. Or you may just sacrifice comfort for the fashionable looks of the shoe. And then when you wear the shoes on the street or are on your feet all day, that is when you will find out whether you have bought a good pair or not.

Choosing a bad pair of shoes will make your feet swell from walking or from the heat and friction of the shoe. Pressure points will start making themselves felt and the sole will start giving your feet sores and blisters. If you are picturing this scenario in your mind, you also probably will start to understand why it is essential to choose a well-made, quality shoe from a reputable company. Dansko shoes are quality shoes from a well-respected company that has been in business for 20 years.

Dansko shoe options include clogs, sandals, equestrian riding boots, shoes for healthcare professionals, and fashionable pumps.

Finding Dankso Shoes for Sale

If you want to invest only in the best pair of shoes, then you will need to buy the best brand and invest in the comfort it can bring. Dansko shoes are incorporated with features that have been found suitable for them by company research. Since Dansko is a very popular brand, there are various online sites that carry the product. But with this sheer number also comes confusion.

I can help you find a large selection of Dansko shoes for sale through reliable online retailers.

Choose Dansko Shoes for Comfort and Style

An essential element of any woman’s wardrobe is her shoes. Women look for style, but also require comfort and lasting value. Where can women find this? Dansko shoes are comfortable, sturdy, stylish, and reasonably priced. They are available at a wide variety of retail outlets as well as at many locations on the web.

The Dansko story is an interesting one. The company was founded by a couple looking to buy horses in Denmark. They stumbled upon a small shoe shop in that country which had a perfect barn shoe. The couple shared their discovery with their friends, who told their friends, and thus was born a shoe company.

Originally specializing in clogs, the brand has now expanded to include women’s sandals, men’s sandals, heels, and boots. The line also offers children’s shoes. The main focus of these shoes has always been comfort. Since its founding, Dansko has added a variety of styles and colors.

People who work on their feet for a living find the Dansko shoe the perfect fit. These shoes are designed first and foremost for comfort. Besides being well constructed, they are also quite fashionable. The most popular line is the Professional Clog. Dansko’s comfortable work line has propelled them to the forefront of the industry.

Because the Dansko shoe promotes foot health, the American Podiatric Medical Association has awarded this company their seal of approval. The construction of the shoes include a wider heel that promotes stability and better heel strike. Shock absorption equals that found in an athletic shoe. Although the line has traditionally been made of leather, the Vegan Pro line, introduced in 2010, is completely fabricated. These shoes offer the same sturdy construction, comfort, and durability as the leather models. The Stapled clog and the Acadia collection meet ASTM and SATRA standards for slip-resistance.

Since 1990 when the company was founded, it has expanded its product line to include a many kinds of socks. These are colorful and available in all lengths from ankle to knee height, and in many different designs. Besides manufacturing great shoes, Dansko, an employee-owned company operating out of West Grove, Pennsylvania, is a green company. Its headquarters is LEED Gold Certified, which provides a healthy and environmentally sensitive workplace for its employees.

Whether looking for a shoe to protect your legs, feet, and back while standing for hours, or searching for that perfect shoe for walking while looking chic, Dansko shoes should be at the top of the list.

The Dansko Shoe Story

A couple founded Dansko shoes after they went shopping in a small shop in Denmark. The couple’s names were Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup. The pair found shoes in this small shop that were the ultimate in comfort and style. They then shared their find to their friends, and allowed the friends to try them on, and before long, the shoes became a favorite of many people.

Then Mandy and Peter bought a few pairs every time they traveled to Denmark, but purchased them through retail outlets. This soon proved to be very expensive and very difficult to transport. Knowing that there were many of their friends who wanted to purchase a pair of the Danish shoes, they tried to bring all they could back with them to sell to other people.

Mandy and Peter were horse lovers and attended horse shows and had developed acquaintances with many other people. They discovered that many of their friends really liked the shoes and were interested in purchasing a pair for themselves.

This began a driving desire within them to be able to sell more shoes to their friends, and not just to a few select people. They then did some researching and found a way to have the shoes shipped to them for resale. They then would load up the back of their vehicle with a variety of sizes, and styles that included women’s sandals, men’s sandals, Birkenstock shoes. They tried to include all shoe sizes possible.

They decided that they needed to start their own shoe company and simply named it Dansko, as the word actually means Danish shoe. They hired one employee to help at the beginning of their business until they could get things going and begin selling their new shoes.

Today, Dansko boasts of 130 employees working for the company. They use only choice material that makes for comfort and reliability in footwear.

No longer do these shoes look like loggers, but there are several styles from which to choose. They have clogs with enclosed backs, many styles of sandals, boots, and there is a shoe for most any man or woman no matter what style is preferred.

Dansko shoes has become one of the best shoe companies in our country. They have worked hard to get to the place that they can say that they believe their shoes are the best you can find. Check them out and decide for yourself.