Dansko Nursing Shoes

As we all know human beings were designed to walk barefoot on the good earth. Obviously, this is not possible in today’s world – especially the world of the nursing professional. However, Dansko Nursing Shoe’s innovative design can make it feel like you’re taking the good earth with you to work!

After over twenty years of experience in the shoe industry I have come in contact with many different styles and innovations. I can honestly say that Dansko Nursing Shoes are the best value in comfort and support for the nursing professional in the 21st century.

Dansko Inc. began distribution in 1991 with their patented stapled clog technology. Dansko’s stapled clog collection is on the cutting edge of innovation and carries the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Of this collection I would recommend the Dansko Professional style as an excellent choice for the nursing professional.

Benefits of the Dansko Nursing Shoe’s Professional Clog:

Support technology that stays with you and won’t break down before your shoes wear out.

The outsole provides shock absorption and flexibility while protecting your feet, legs, and back during long hours of standing or walking.

The rocker-bottom sole propels the foot forward when walking – facilitating a natural forward motion.

The heel counter acts as a natural shoe – horn and provides the security of lateral stability.

A reinforced toe box that adds durability and allows room for toes to move comfortably.

Are your Nursing shoes comfortable? Think Dansko Nursing Shoes and you can’t go wrong!

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