The Dansko Shoe Story

A couple founded Dansko shoes after they went shopping in a small shop in Denmark. The couple’s names were Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup. The pair found shoes in this small shop that were the ultimate in comfort and style. They then shared their find to their friends, and allowed the friends to try them on, and before long, the shoes became a favorite of many people.

Then Mandy and Peter bought a few pairs every time they traveled to Denmark, but purchased them through retail outlets. This soon proved to be very expensive and very difficult to transport. Knowing that there were many of their friends who wanted to purchase a pair of the Danish shoes, they tried to bring all they could back with them to sell to other people.

Mandy and Peter were horse lovers and attended horse shows and had developed acquaintances with many other people. They discovered that many of their friends really liked the shoes and were interested in purchasing a pair for themselves.

This began a driving desire within them to be able to sell more shoes to their friends, and not just to a few select people. They then did some researching and found a way to have the shoes shipped to them for resale. They then would load up the back of their vehicle with a variety of sizes, and styles that included women’s sandals, men’s sandals, Birkenstock shoes. They tried to include all shoe sizes possible.

They decided that they needed to start their own shoe company and simply named it Dansko, as the word actually means Danish shoe. They hired one employee to help at the beginning of their business until they could get things going and begin selling their new shoes.

Today, Dansko boasts of 130 employees working for the company. They use only choice material that makes for comfort and reliability in footwear.

No longer do these shoes look like loggers, but there are several styles from which to choose. They have clogs with enclosed backs, many styles of sandals, boots, and there is a shoe for most any man or woman no matter what style is preferred.

Dansko shoes has become one of the best shoe companies in our country. They have worked hard to get to the place that they can say that they believe their shoes are the best you can find. Check them out and decide for yourself.