The Great World of Sports Betting

Betting on sports must be older than recorded history.

We know that the Romans were fanatical about sports betting although the loser probably wouldn’t or couldn’t show up for the next game.

World wide the amount of money bet on sports must be absolutely phenomenal some one some ware must be making a lot of money all I know is it certainly was not me.

Like most people betting on sports was all about fun for me I never thought of making serious money from it.

Although I did start to realise that a little thought and common sense could save me a lot of dough and maybe even make me some money. For instance blindly betting on a team that you support is not the answer. You have to stand back be analytical and detached with no personal involvement.

If you are a true sports fan that maybe easier said than done so pick a sport that you don’t follow and then you just don’t care who wins or looses. I find team sports to be the best as games like golf just has too many variables and even favourites play a lot more tournaments than they win. Tennis I do not know enough about and can’t judge. Look if you feel comfortable with these sports don’t let me talk you out of it.

Alright so you have picked your sport or sports then what.

Well a friend and I sat down some time ago and put together a list or set of rules that we thought may help improve our chances they are.

1. Don’t pick the obvious favourite as the returns for a win are too small and the risk of a loss to great.

2. At the same time do not pick the under dog. Sure they may get up and make you a good return but the chances are they won’t and you will have lost your money.

3. Look at middle ranking situations alright it may seem difficult to separate them but by doing your research you will find that you can. For instance does one side travel better than the other? What is the history between the two sides? This is not just the teams but coaches as well.

4. Are key players available? This is vital and can throw off rules 12&3 straight away.

5. What are this Sports Writers and Journalists saying and read more than one of their predictions as on there own they can be notoriously inaccurate. However if the majority pick the same result then the odds are that will be the correct one. If they can’t make up their mind move on to another game as this one could be too close.

6. Limit the number of bets you make if you bet on every one you will inevitable lose.

7. Finally control the amount that you bet we had a fund and 5% of it was the limit on any one bet.

All of this made us a small profit but certainly not enough to boast about but we did enjoy ourselves.