The Great World of Sports Betting

Betting on sports must be older than recorded history.

We know that the Romans were fanatical about sports betting although the loser probably wouldn’t or couldn’t show up for the next game.

World wide the amount of money bet on sports must be absolutely phenomenal some one some ware must be making a lot of money all I know is it certainly was not me.

Like most people betting on sports was all about fun for me I never thought of making serious money from it.

Although I did start to realise that a little thought and common sense could save me a lot of dough and maybe even make me some money. For instance blindly betting on a team that you support is not the answer. You have to stand back be analytical and detached with no personal involvement.

If you are a true sports fan that maybe easier said than done so pick a sport that you don’t follow and then you just don’t care who wins or looses. I find team sports to be the best as games like golf just has too many variables and even favourites play a lot more tournaments than they win. Tennis I do not know enough about and can’t judge. Look if you feel comfortable with these sports don’t let me talk you out of it.

Alright so you have picked your sport or sports then what.

Well a friend and I sat down some time ago and put together a list or set of rules that we thought may help improve our chances they are.

1. Don’t pick the obvious favourite as the returns for a win are too small and the risk of a loss to great.

2. At the same time do not pick the under dog. Sure they may get up and make you a good return but the chances are they won’t and you will have lost your money.

3. Look at middle ranking situations alright it may seem difficult to separate them but by doing your research you will find that you can. For instance does one side travel better than the other? What is the history between the two sides? This is not just the teams but coaches as well.

4. Are key players available? This is vital and can throw off rules 12&3 straight away.

5. What are this Sports Writers and Journalists saying and read more than one of their predictions as on there own they can be notoriously inaccurate. However if the majority pick the same result then the odds are that will be the correct one. If they can’t make up their mind move on to another game as this one could be too close.

6. Limit the number of bets you make if you bet on every one you will inevitable lose.

7. Finally control the amount that you bet we had a fund and 5% of it was the limit on any one bet.

All of this made us a small profit but certainly not enough to boast about but we did enjoy ourselves.

I Love Watching Sport – And Get Paid From it!

Most sports fans think it would be great to be a sports writer – you get to travel round the world watching all the great events live, and then get paid to write about it!
Sounds good, eh?
How about being a sports photographer?
The same thing applies, being paid to go and cover all the top events.
You might even win fancy awards!

The trouble is, that although you do indeed get to travel around the world, that particular novelty soon wears off, and the fact that you may ben in Italy one day, Dublin the next, and Bahrain the next would soon become a pain, living out of a suitcase, with no time to relax or settle.

And yes, although you do indeed get to see all those events in person, you can’t kick back and enjoy them, because you have a deadline to meet, and not only that, the quality of your work is always under pressure.

And let’s not forget that in order to get to the top of those particular ladders, you have had to spend years grafting your way up the ladder.
Anyone can start being a sports writer or photographer, and the competition is always snapping at your heels waiting to take your place.

So although the idea sounds nice, I choose not to follow those careers, preferring instead to relax, watching any sport I want live in the comfort of my own home, maybe with a nice drink in hand!

How do I do this?
I provide information to sports fans, that’s how.
With the advance of the internet, it’s possible to create and distribute information quickly and cheaply, for free in fact, so that’s what I do – I provide sports fans with information about how they can do the same as I do, earn enough money from sport to enjoy it at their leisure, earn enough money to match the earnings of all but the elite writers and photographers, to earn enough money to overtake the dayjob.

So, if you enjoy watching sport as much as I do, you can enjoy it even more by profiting from it like I do!

How to Succeed in Sports Writing Jobs

Sports writing jobs are not only glamorous but highly rewarding in terms of recognition and job satisfaction. They can be so lucrative that many sports stars have considered this to be their career alternative after they have retired from active participation in their sports. Their articles appear regularly in various newspapers, magazines, websites etc.

Online media has emerged as a powerful alternative to conventional electronic and print media, as you can readily connect with your audience with a click of mouse. There are numerous websites, newsletters, blogs and forums which receive immediate feedback from readers, which help the site owners to feel the pulse of the audience. The huge and ever expanding market of web journalism offers incredible opportunities for sports writers, many of whom work as freelancers by choice.

Various sports channels and magazines host their websites to assert their web presence. Apart from them, there are independent web portals that are dedicated to sports and games. These sites hire teams of writers to give fresh content to their readers. They offer tremendous potential for anyone who considers online sports writing as his expertise. With the right skills, you can climb the ladder and earn a handsome package in the long run. Here are some tips that will help you succeed in this profession:

Interest and effort

The basic qualification of a sports writer is his passion for sports. If you sincerely believe that you share this passion, and can write well, you can proceed with your plans and expect success. But this does not mean that you need to be an accomplished sports star. All you need is an interest in various sports.

Sharing this passion is not enough. You need to undertake extensive research on almost every sport that you can think of. Read books, magazines, and newspaper for sports articles. Listen to commentaries and follow the sporting events closely for a better insight into the games. You should understand the subtle nuances of various games. If you are not sure about how things work, you should seek the help of experts. However, it is not enough to know the game alone. You should also be familiar with the teams, players and their records.

Build your network

Once you have decided on becoming a sports writer, you should concentrate on building your network of contacts and sources. They will help you gather reliable information. You can have access to all the scoops and news, which will be instrumental in determining your success.

Other factors

Besides these aspects, a good sports writer also needs to have a great command over the language he uses to express his thoughts and ideas. When language is your strength, your expressions will become eloquent and clear.

Another important requirement of an online sports writer is computer skills. You should be familiar with the web environment and know how to do research. Your typing speed should also be good.

Sports writing jobs demand that you update your knowledge constantly. Stay in touch with what’s happening in the world of sport and keep a finger on the pulse of the fans.

All About Freelance Sports Writing Jobs

Imagine eating, breathing, and sleeping sports for a living. Does it sounds like a dream job come true? Freelance sports writing may be for you!

You may know a lot about sports, but not every sports fan should become a sports writer. Freelance sports writing requires great writing skills, including how to tell a story that helps the reader experience the moment with you. It’s also better if you know a lot of history and trivia about many sports; the more versatile you are, the easier it will be to get a job.

Freelance sports writers write about games and tournaments; they follow the careers of players and do historical pieces on players or sports. Freelance sports writers often have the freedom to write about whatever they like, within the context of what’s going on in a given season.

Who offers freelance sports writing jobs?

Big companies like CNN, NBC, and ESPN are always looking for great sports writers, but you need sports writing experience to work for them.

To get that experience, check out listings on Online-Writing-Jobs(dot) com. At any given time, this website has a couple of dozen sports writing jobs available in smaller markets. Some are local newspapers, some are people looking for coverage of tournaments, and some are for online sports news sites.

Another idea is to sign up with Suite101(dot) com, Webook(dot) com, and/or Collegesports-fans(dot) com. You won’t make money from them at first (well, maybe a little, but we’re talking less than $10 a month), but these sites strive to publish quality material online, which will help you develop your sports writing portfolio.

The idea is to get as many clips as possible so you can arm yourself with a healthy portfolio of published material and apply at the bigger companies. Be patient – you will eventually get the experience you need to get the high paying jobs.

What pay rate can I expect as a freelance sports writer?

Once you have that all-important experience, you could be in reasonably high demand. Beginner sports writers earn about $30 per article. Sports writing veterans make far more than that – around $60-$75 per hour, plus occasional perks like game tickets and travel expenses.

What’s the best way to respond to an ad?

I can’t stress this enough: you need experience before you can vie for well-paying jobs. Once you have some clips to showcase your writing talent, you must show potentials clients that you’re the right writer for the job.

How do you do that? Let’s dissect a sample ad to see what we can come up with:

A new California sports website is about to launch and we need writers! We want articles about professional and college sports news. If you’re opinionated, good with words, and of course, a die-hard California sports fan, we need you! Contact us ASAP at (address).

Decoding what an employer’s needs are will help you to respond to the ad. The ad tells us what kind of writer they need. For example, you should know about California sports and you should know how to write articles that incorporate good keywords to attract the attention of the web surfers. The overall tone of the ad tells us that you should be energetic and capable to express opinions that engage people in debate; in other words, they want writers with an “edge.”

Your response to the ad might be something like this:

Dear name,

I think it’s amazing you’re starting this new website – it’s just what California needs! I am an experienced sports writer with a real soft spot for California teams (go Lakers!).

For a new website, it’s important to have writers who can help you generate web traffic. My articles are entertaining and thought-provoking. I also love to write about controversial topics that get a real web discussion going. I think my combination of experience, skill, and love of sports would be a major asset to your website.

Attached to this email, please find several clips of my previously published work in sports writing. Thanks so much for considering me as one of your new sports writers. I look forward to hearing from you!


Your name

As you can see, writing a reply can be straightforward once you know how to spot clues from a potential employer. Make every reply concise and compelling, and you will find your next freelance sports writing gig just around the corner!