Sports Writers and Reporters Are a Dying Breed – Maybe That Is a Good Thing?

Are artificial intelligent software writers going to cause a mass extinction of sports writers? I fear that such a reality is just around the corner. Recently, I talked with a seasoned sports writer of 21 years, now in semi-retirement because the publication he was writing for folded and went bankrupt, who wondered if he should take a job as a writer for a smaller publication.

He said “A local community newspaper is interested in my sports articles, but only wants to pay 5 cents a word. I would have to write approximately 1500 words, to come even close to what I earned with the first newspaper. I believe I should be earning top dollar for my highly skilled writing acumen and experience. 20.9 years of writing tells me that I’m correct in my thinking.”

Well, I feel bad for all the newspaper career writers, I truly do, but writing 1500 words a day is nothing for a good reporter/newspaper article writer. Get some voice software and take the job – “No more complaining,” I thought to myself.

My thinking is this; just take the job, stop complaining and “IF” you are a good as you say, other publishers will see you and hire you for more money, and you can do either work for two or three smaller pubs, or take that great big juicy job you want later.

Personally, I see all the artificial intelligent sports algorithm writers online these days and they are getting better, but they aren’t as good as someone who knows their stuff and has experience – in my view. Just so you know, I am a guy who really laughs at all the complaining pathetic reporters telling me how great they are and how newbies shouldn’t be allowed to write online because it takes away their jobs.

At one time I stuck my middle finger up at all these reporters and journalists, and their attempts to close the writing sector to only those with journalism degrees and professional writing resumes. It’s a whole new world now so, either pony up or get smashed. You are either part of the steam roller or you are part of the pavement – treat writing like a sport and win. Or you can go on like a big baby complaining to anyone who will listen, I won’t. “34 Blue, Razzle 4, Hike!”

I play to win, and if you aren’t in it to win it, you will be beaten by someone who is – think on that.