Sports Writing Can Be Cathartic

When I was younger the last thing I wanted to do was read books or write anything. Now as I grow older I find myself reading & writing at an amazing clip.

Recently I decided to create a sports blog due to the combination of my love for writing & sports. Due to having a rather hectic schedule I find myself simply reading online sports articles as a way to find out what is going on in the sports world. While I still watch my beloved Yankees & 49ers whenever they are on television it is difficult to follow some of my other favorite sports like golf, basketball & others while I’m at work.

Most of the time I read articles & it seems as though much of the information is inaccurate or sometimes when sports websites list “rumors” all of the information is usually inaccurate & purely speculation.

Due to all the current media out there I figured I should get involved & not only show off my own sports journalism skills but also attempt to give exposure to some sports most people may not follow. While some may disagree bowling is thrilling television. ESPN has failed to properly advertise the PBA on ESPN & I feel as a fan I will help give some attention to the PBA when I can.

The most difficult part of being a sports writer is keeping an unbiased approach while writing. While we all like certain teams you still must cover every team, unless you’re a beat writer for one certain team.